Major Leagues:

I have convinced my dad to take me to a White Sox game on Aug 3rd. We are playing the Angels so I get to see Mike Trout and I am pretty darn excited about this! Now if only I can find a way to see Bryce Harper play I will be forever happy. But as excited as I am to see Trout, I am more excited to see my White Sox and get to see Youk play.

Minor Leagues:

Yesterday on Twitter a minor league player for the South Bend Silver Hawks, the Low A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, followed me. I have no Idea why he chose to follow me but still pretty cool. So Thank you Eric Groff for making my day.

I love my baseball and my White Sox so I follow the Sox minor league teams. This results in me being a huge fan of a team located in North Carolina ( Winston -Salem to be exact), while I live in MI. It’s strange, I know. Well I found out yesterday that Brent Morel, who I know didn’t play well for the Sox this year and who as been out with an injury for two months, will be starting his rehab assignment at Winston-Salem. I haven’t listened to a Dash game in about two weeks. My fav player has been out with an injury and I have had school things to do. So I was excited to have a good reason to listen to their game.