Mike Blanke is kinda awesome!

Good Bye,Winston Salem Dash!

I started listening to the Winston Salem Dash after seeing one of their players at spring training. This summer I went from knowing one player’s name to feeling like I personally knew all of these guys! I went from feeling like some weird chick listening to a North Carolina team while I lived in Michigan to being “Our friend Maggie, from MI.” when they’d read my tweets during their broadcast or respond to my tweets on twitter. It was a weird relationship and even though they are a White Sox, my fav team (in case you hadn’t figured that out), minor league team my dad mocked me often for caring so much! But I now will get the great honor of someday saying, “yeah I was his fan when he was in the minors” when these boys make it big! I And man do I hope to see these guys up in the majors soon, preferably with the Sox. I love this team with all my heart!

I know the chances of anybody ever seeing this is slim but I want to thank Brian Boesch, their announcer, he always took time to read tweets and update their blog. To all who ran the Dash tiwtter account thanks for responding to me when I couldn’t listen to the game. They were even nice enough to tweet me so I knew they were interviewing my favorite player!

As for all the players: I wish you all the best I really can’t wait to see you in the majors and hopefully I will see some of you at Spring training next year! 

I know this was a long random post but baseball is my favorite and really calms me and this team made my summer awesome! Best record in the minors! 

After tweeting pics of 3 White Sox minor league players when their names where on the big screen at The Cell, Chris Bassitt, another Sox minor leaguer, decided to follow me, you know just in case his name shows up! lol 

After tweeting pics of 3 White Sox minor league players when their names where on the big screen at The Cell, Chris Bassitt, another Sox minor leaguer, decided to follow me, you know just in case his name shows up! lol 


Major Leagues:

I have convinced my dad to take me to a White Sox game on Aug 3rd. We are playing the Angels so I get to see Mike Trout and I am pretty darn excited about this! Now if only I can find a way to see Bryce Harper play I will be forever happy. But as excited as I am to see Trout, I am more excited to see my White Sox and get to see Youk play.

Minor Leagues:

Yesterday on Twitter a minor league player for the South Bend Silver Hawks, the Low A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, followed me. I have no Idea why he chose to follow me but still pretty cool. So Thank you Eric Groff for making my day.

I love my baseball and my White Sox so I follow the Sox minor league teams. This results in me being a huge fan of a team located in North Carolina ( Winston -Salem to be exact), while I live in MI. It’s strange, I know. Well I found out yesterday that Brent Morel, who I know didn’t play well for the Sox this year and who as been out with an injury for two months, will be starting his rehab assignment at Winston-Salem. I haven’t listened to a Dash game in about two weeks. My fav player has been out with an injury and I have had school things to do. So I was excited to have a good reason to listen to their game.

Minor League Player:

Mike Blanke #29

Winston-Salem Dash/ Chicago White Sox


Mike Blanke

He is my favorite minor league player! He was kicking ass during batting practice at Spring Training. And he is super cute. I may be his biggest fan and his team realizes this.  

I’d like to point out the awesomeness of this pic series getting posted today since it is Canada Day and Mike is Canadian! 

White Sox, Silver Hawks and Dash

I went to a Silver Hawks game today where we were losing through 5 innings. We then scored 3 in the bottom of the 5th and 5 in the bottom of the 8th. We ended up winning 9-3! Way to go Hawks! Love my Hawks!

The Dash lost 5-4 tonight. I didn’t get to listen to that game but I am upset they lost again.

Now on to the BIG GAME the White Sox! We beat the Yankees again!! I can’t even believe it! So excited words can’t describe how excited I am! 14-7 against the Yankees is amazing! We need to keep this up White Sox, we NEED more wins! EXCITED!!! :) 

Silver Hawks Celebrating!

This is what I do during home Dash games! I creep on the guys who aren’t playing as they sit in the dugout! :)

Addison Reed Responded to me twice.

White Sox Retweeted me.

White Sox High A team, Winston Salem Dash, followed me.

South Paw the mascot followed me.

These are HUGE, FREAKING BIG DEALS in my life. I am a huge White Sox Fan. South Sider for Life!

I have had a frustrating day today!


…my Winston Salem Dash won their game 16-6 had 20 hits, A season high, and scored in 8 out of the 9 innings! Love them!

  • Every player had hit during the game.
  • All but one scored at least once during the game
  • All had at least one RBI during the game

Why can’t my White Sox play like that? Sox step it up your farm teams are doing great!